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Mobirise Website Builder
Mobirise Website Builder
LION sponsored: D.Voss

UofC Computer science grad: specializing in backend. Working with Cardano Haskell implementations and smart contracts. Currently building LION backend, feeds and utility!  stay tuned!

ADA donations: addr..n4rd

Mobirise Website Builder
LION sponsored:  Ann Brown
Adventurist. Motivator.

LION is giving full sponsorship to this hard working Adventurer.  Follow Anns mountaineering adventures in the Canadian rockies, workout programs and future RMT business!
ADA donations:    addr...4fit

Mobirise Website Builder
Dec 2023: could this be you?

Placeholder:  Submissions for Devs and Content Creators......Build with [LION]Get ADA.  

Mobirise Website Builder
Jan 2024 : build bounties. tba

Could this be you?  This monthly recipient will receive ADA bounties for LION buildouts and will help us achieve our roadmap milestones!  

check back weekly as website is upgraded Monthy!

 What is a Stake Pool Operator (S.P.O.)? 
In P.O.W. (proof of work) blockchains ....Miners (hardware/node providers) spend their rewards on short term hardware and Power.  This dumps on price without contributing to software development or creators.
BTC Miners are in it for their own self interest and profit, and owe nothing to the users and holders.  They control the network and upgrades.

In contrast, Cardanos Proof of Stake (POS) blockchain is secured through the consensus of public stakepool operators, that validate transactions and facilitate throughput and computes on both a Cardano Service Layer (computes) and the Cardano Transactional Layer.          They receive rewards based on "popularity", this can be measured by free market "Delegation or User Staking".

SPOs actually promote and finance network development or nonprofit/charity work.  As SPOs gather more delegations they produce more frequent blocks

If SPOs dont serve stakeholders....their delegators will dwindle and the SPO will fail, ensuring only productive SPOs reach the top.
  This benefits the network as a whole.

Delegating is much like "voting" for a team.  Rewards are based on the amount you delegate and the pool performance over time.

How Should You choose a pool?

1. choose a Baremetal Pool to significantly reduce centralization and censorship
2. choose a pool that appeals to your fundamental values plus ability to buildout network.
3. redelegate often.....and diversify your support!
 4.  Choose ferociously.  Choose LION  :)

Dentralization...starts with you. 

Please consider single pool and Bare Metal operators for all of your delegations!
Bare Metal Single SPOs reduce the risk of L1 censorship on big data centers such as Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean, OVH, Azure, Hetzner...and more!

See graph below....37% of Cardano relays reside on AWS alone!  

Mobirise Website Builder

Cardano Network Relay Nodes

Our Mission

To provide the best value possible to ALL of our delegators.  We will independently support Devs and Innovators working on the Cardano Ecosystem, funding a variety of needed hardware,  tools,  code and utility!

Our BareMetal 

AMD Threadripper Pro 5975wx, Air cooled
8 channels of 256GB of ECC memory
BareMetal relays : Intel 13800 / M.2 Raid 10/ 5800Mhz DDR5 ECC
2.5GB Fiber trunk.
UPS and backup power generator.
Experienced DevOps with multiple co-locations.
Globally Distributed Baremetal.

At LION,  there is no chance of shared resources throtting, memory leaks or cross compute hacks.  All cpus are Cardano-node dedicated with low overhead, fast RAM and RAIDED Enterprise M.2 SSDs, on hardened OS.



Hardware, Infrastructure and security

Testing complete March 15 2023.   

Firewall, sync, performance testing and Block Production

 June 22/23,  with website status and telegram group. {complete}

SPO marketing.  Community outreach. Utility builds and Dev begin.

Q1 2024 and beyond!  

Team [LION] 

Mobirise Website Builder
D. Voss
Haskell / Full stack / Plutus / Marlowe

updates posted shortly.

Mobirise Website Builder
Director of Development

marketing plan in the works!

Mobirise Website Builder
C. McDavid
Community outreach and Marketing

in progress!


Our respect goes to all of the builders and contributors of the CARDANO Ecosystem.
Our mission is to provide reliable block production, maximize delegator REWARDS and pay devs to build cool stuff!

Mulitdelgation is a new feature for 2024, supported by most wallets. It allows you to stake to mulitple pools from one wallet!  Please consider [LION] as one of your Multidelegation options!

You are ALWAYS in custody of your ADA, you will never be asked to send ADA. Never give your secret seed words to ANYONE.

Your funds are never at risk and always remain in your control on Layer 1.

Not having to time lock your coins is called Liquid Staking.....a great Cardano innovation. :)  Move them any time.


Mobirise Website Builder
Top DEX:  Muesliswap
DEFI Juggarnaut!

Swap Native tokens, Trade Aggregation, Stake $MILK,  Yield Pair farming,  Hungry Cow NFT reward boosting, MYIELD 30 day staking for FREE milk!!  many tiers of rewards! With a thriving community and Solid Devs delivering time and time again!  MS was the Very FIRST cardano DEX. :)

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Best Mobile Wallet:  Yoroi
Simple, stable, secure and lite!

Backed by Team IOHK; security mobility and low overhead were goals of this project,  with in wallet staking, voting and NFT view......and more to come.  We have tested and used this as our daily driver for years!  Strong contenders will be reviewed by us shortly, including LACE and VESPR..but since new...we will wait for the bugs to be shook out.  :)

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Top Browser Wallet:  ETERNL
browser based wallet

Eternl A Cardano light wallet. Our Mission: Establish Eternl as one of the major Cardano wallets by implementing features requested by the Cardano community

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Best Full Node Wallet:  DEADALUS
Super secure, runs your own node.   **140GB of chain data LOCAL

IOHK full node wallet: for those that dont mind the wait....this is the most secure Cardano Wallet product out there.  Includes Stake Pool search tool, Voting, address generation etc.  robust and battletested from day one.  Updates are from trusted IOHK engineering, quarterly.  Prepare to keep this wallet connected to network so it can stay synced and ready. ( not for laptops or devices that get shut down frequenty)  32GBram and 1TB M.2 enterprise drive recommended.

Mobirise Website Builder
Top Block Visualizer:
Watch transaction Mempool in REAL TIME!!!

What's inside Cardano blocks? The best way to learn new things about eUTxO (Unspent Transaction Output) transactions is to look at them. This is the best Cardano transaction presentation available.

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Ecosystem Visualizer:
Updated daily: 

Explore Dapps and utility sites coming online by industry.  Check out Popular, NEW, ISPO, NFT, DEX, and DEFI ecosystems on you will be surprised about how many people are building!!!!!

Delegators: Check out New cDeFi plays.
 testNet fresh, with great upside!
Mobirise Website Builder
Mobirise Website Builder
Mobirise Website Builder

Muesliswap DEX

Try it!...its our favorite because it was the FIRST and is still the cheapest!

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